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Call Center Games will Improve Morale and Your Teams Call Center Performance Consistently !

Call Center Games Has a Proven Track Record Of Doing All Of This and More.  Keep Reading To Find Out How You Can Be a Call Center Rockstar...

Why is hitting your key performance indicators so difficult sometimes?

​It's annoying, and extremely frustrating.

I bet you can relate?

There's a couple of reasons, some obvious and some not so obvious.  But if we're honest with ourselves, the main reason is hard to fix, that is until now?

Let’s face it, many of your call center agents don't like their job.

I know some do, but really most don’t.

Trust me, I started as a Call Center Agent many years ago and my goal was to get promoted and get off the phones as soon as possible.

So the natural question​ to ask is why don't call center agents like their job?  

I'll get to this in a minute, but first, let me introduce myself.

Call Center Games

Hi there, I'm Greg Meares and I have been in this same situation.  I know how frustrating it is.  

Morale was low, which was causing high absenteeism, high attrition and we weren't hitting our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a consistent basis.

Needless to say, this was, very stressful.

I had to figure out a solution to make things better.  But before I get into that, let's discuss the root cause of this challenge as call center leaders, we all face.

As I mentioned earlier, many call center agents just don't enjoy their jobs.

​... and this brings me to the number one issue that I noticed on most call floors.

There isn't any excitement.

This leads to poor employee engagement. Which of course leads to all kinds of problems.

Why Is There a Lack of Excitement In Call Centers?

The reason is simple really.

Imagine taking call after call, pretty much dealing with the same problems, day-in and day-out?

I've done it and it is boring.

And this lack of excitement leads to poor employee engagement.   And this is when the problems begin to affect your call center performance.

I have a perfect example of this.

Several years ago I walked into a call center as a operations manager. What i didn't know when I took the job is that the client was very unhappy with our performance.

It was ugly, the client threatened the team. Basically stating if we didn’t figure it out he would move our volume to another center.

Our number one issue was inconsistency.

​We were inconsistent with performance because:

  • Attrition was high and we were having a hard time building any seasoned talent
  • People would call in or worse yet, no call no show on important days like a Monday
  • We would miss our goals because people just weren’t engaged
  • Morale was down because all of the above and there was no excitement

We quickly changed all of this.

​Call Center Games Was Born

It all started with a process we called PRIDE Teams, but that's another story for another time (I'll share this amazing process if you decide to test out Call Center Games.)

What came out of these meetings is a clear understanding of what was happening and even how to fix it.

We developed what we coined as the Call Center Games.​

You see what we learned in these impromptu meetings with our employees is that they just wanted to have more fun on the job.  Who doesn't?  Honestly, in todays environment, everything is so stressful.  ​

We also learned that ​creating competition would help drive performance.

So we combined these concepts and created a system of templates that could be used to create healthy competition in your call center or with your team(s).​

Call Center Games

Contains over 100 incredibly useful templates to improve all levels of performance. Each template is designed to help motivate your team, which improves morale, resulting in improved sales performance. Utilize this tool to drive any type of performance goal you may have. It works well when multiple teams are all competing for the same goals, but works just as well within your team.

We tested and tweaked each performance template to make sure it produced the best possible performance.

We kept only the best and most impactful performance templates, and threw out the others.​

The Results Speak for Themselves​

Call Center Games Improves Results...

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Generating positive morale is vital to running a successful call center.  These templates were personally used in the call center that I directed. We achieved all of our goals, but morale improved and so did productivity.

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Improves Performance

Call Center Games is designed to drive call center performance. Utilizing these templates, and creating competition, all teams improved performance.

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Motivates Your Team(s)

Call Center Games motivates all that use it. It enables you to drive performance through healthy competition among your call center teams.

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Allows You To Achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Creating Key Performance Indicator consistency is very difficult to do in call centers. Call Center Games allows your team to achieve goals on a daily basis.

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Improves Attendance

Employee engagement is an excellent sign that you are managing a healthy call center. When you have happy employees call center attendance improves.

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Decreases Attrition

When employees are happy almost all indicators improve. With Call Center Games we have experienced a drastic decrease in our attrition.

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Has Over 100 Templates

Utilize any type of template you need to drive performance. There are over 100 templates that focuses on all aspects of performance in your call center.

Call Center Games Improves Morale

Call Center Games Gets You Recognized

With Success comes the spoils. Creating consistent goal achievement creates success and this success is recognized. Top leaders use Call Center Games.

Why Does Call Center Games Work So Well

Call Center Games works because it creates a patter interrupt for you employees.

In other words running competitions with call center games allows you to create healthy competitions within your team, against other teams and against multiple teams.  

Bottom-line this mixes up the monotony of the same old.

It gets fun too.  Creates camaraderie, allows for fun trash-talking and ultimately drives performance in the positive direction.

If you are a Team Lead, Supervisor, Manager or Director, this is an easy way to kick butt in your role.

I personally tested these templates and it has improved in so many of the important aspects of call center performance.

  • Improves Service Level 
  • Quality Improves
  • Customer Retention 
  • Sales
  • Customer Experience

​The list goes on and on.

​... and the number of call center leaders it has help is amazing.  Which is part of my goal.  I love helping others leaders achieve their goals, get recognized and improve their situation.  You will understand my motivation when you see the price for this great tool.  I am not getting rich from this.  It covers my hosting and set-up.

And others agree with me.  Just look what a couple have said about using Call Center Games.

Call Center Leaders Love This Tool...​

Yvette Rosendo Senior Manager

My name is Yvette Rosendo and I have been a call center manager over 25 years. I purchased the call center games during my tenure at Prudential Insurance for my Call Center teams. I found the games to be interactive and quite motivating for my staff and I. The games provided friendly competition among the entire call center department. My favorite game was the Rummage Sale game and Two by Two. We change the games to meet our needs based on reaching improved AHT goals or decreasing ACW. The staff were engaged and tried to work harder to hit their respective goals when we held contests. I would recommend this product to all Contact Center managers and employees.

I am a management consultant, focused on Performance Management and I’ve used the Call Center Games templates to improve performance in our call center and we had great results.  In fact, we turned around the clients call center and increased employee engagement.  But most importantly, performance improved in all aspects.

  Fran Harding    VP Operations
      Aubie Pouncy      Call Center Director

My team loves these templates and they use them all the time to help create competition on the call floor.  It's funny, now we have teams trash-talking about who is better and delivering performance.  This is awesome. Think about it.  My teams are competiting to see who can deliver the best results to our customers.  I highly recommend you at least give this a try.

These are just a few of the testimonials I've received recently but the numbers of call center leaders that are thrilled with Call Center Games is growing daily.  

Testing Out Call Center Games Makes Sense Because...

This is important, so make sure you read this...

Call Center games is currently being upgraded.  But this is an excellent time for you to take action now.

Here's Why:

  • Get Call Center Games Now for the reduce price, and when the update is released in a few weeks, you get that version as well.
  • The price will jump as soon as the update is complete.
  • Instant Access to over 100 performance templates to help drive performance in your team(s)
  • Each Template is Easy To Implement
  • Improved Morale Which Improves Other Important Categories
  • Increased Productivity and KPI Achievement
  • Improved Attendance and decreased attrition

This is a no brainer.  You get the chance to change the performance in your call center and be recognized for doing that.  What can that do for your career?

Take Advantage of the 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Call Center Games is designed to improve all aspects of call center performance.  My intent is to make it easy for you and improve both morale and performance, which Call Center Games has proven to do.  We have tons of positive testimonials and we want you to be one too.  However, with that being said, we want you to try Call Center Games and if you do not feel that it is working for you, just request a refund, and your will be granted this as long as it is complete within the 30-day period.  No questions asked!

​As I mentioned the price is set to increase once I complete the update.  This is planned within the next two weeks.

However, you can get the update for the lower price if you take action today.  Click the "Download Now" button below!

Instant Access: Call Center Games

Download Call Center Games Now and Enjoy the Reduced Price and Get the Update When Released.

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Call Center Games is a unique tool to help improve so many aspects of performance with your team and call center. In fact, the improvement will performance will be noticed, which gives you a great opportunity to be noticed.

This is your opportunity to get call center games at a great price, and get the upgrade when it's released in two weeks.  Why wait, take action now and get performance back on track in your call center.​

To Your Success!​

PS - I should be selling this call center tool for a much higher price.  You will receive 10X the value in your first week.

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