Call Center Work Can Be Boring

We all know it... Call Center Work is sometimes boring!

Unfortunately, this ​mundane vibe creates poor performance, low morale and high attrition.

Do you agree?

​I mean, do you agree that call center work can be boring for you agents?

Awareness is the starting point of improvement.

Call Center Performance Improvement - Case Study​

Ok, what I'm going to share is not really a case study per say.  But it's an excellent example of what we did to help improve our employee engagement and ultimately our performance.

Our call center wasn't in the best of shape.

We had attendance and attrition issues.

This plus our lack of employee engagement directly effected our performance. 

It was frustrated and stressful.​

Our client was not happy, and we had to improve our call center performance quickly.​

​I noticed that one of our supervisors was having some success creating a competitive environment within her team.  Basically, she would create small contest and have members of her team compete.

Her team's moral was up, and her team was just hitting almost all of her goals.


So I did what was natural... I asked her team why they thought they were doing well.

Consensus was that their job wasn't boring anymore.  The games they were playing keep things exciting and created just a bit more fun on the job.​

Call Center Games was Born​

We spent the next week brain-storming new contests.  We tried our best ones out on the call floor to see which ones performed well.

From that point on we continued to build our contest templates.​ And with each one we tested to make sure they performed really well.

Call Center Games was born and it helped us become one of the top performing teams in the center.​

Do you want to try a sample?​

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​Talk soon,

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